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Linshaw Computers







Secretary's Helper Version 4

Version 4

Designed by a Secretary
For Secretaries


Secretary's Helper is a great membership database for Craft Lodges which can also be adapted by the user for concordant bodies.


This application is designed to allow the Lodge Secretary to enjoy being the Secretary as it releases him from some of the mundane tasks and allows for accurate records to be easily maintained.


Originally designed for Lodge under the jurisdiction of The Grand Lodge of Alberta (Canada), it is now used by Lodges in many parts of North America.


Download it from the Linshaw site and use the full version for 90 days without requiring an activation key (after that time, it will become "Read Only" until an Activation key is purchased and entered into the application).


Activation Key is $89.


Click HERE to download the 90 day FULL Trial Version and the User Manual.


Click HERE to ACTIVATE your Secetary's Helper Version 4




Masonic Trivia Version 3

Version 3

Not just a game
A Learning Experience


Masonic Trivia - A game, a challenge, a tool for learning about Freemasonry and Freemasons.


Over a 1000 questions which will challenge you and make you think.

  • Broaden your Masonic knowledge
  • Make a daily advancement
  • Organize a quiz night


Over a thousand questions to delight and puzzle any Freemason!


Design your own selection of questions by:

  • Masonic Trivia Version;
  • Subject;
  • Level of Difficulty;
  • Randomly (20 or 50 questions)


Purchase price of CD version is $21.95 NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON A CD - DOWNLOAD IS AVAILABLE.

Purchase price of Online (Download) version is $6.99



Purchase the download version here for instant download.
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Secretary's Helper Version 3

Version 3

No Longer available for sale
Superceded by Version 4


The 90 day trial version and user manual may still be downloaded.


Click HERE to download the 90 day FULL Trial Version and the User Manual.