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Linshaw Computers







Project Management:

An expertise in handling the implementations of both computer-based and non-system processes, WE enjoy the challenge associated with managing smaller projects with limited resources.

User Manuals:

Application user manuals are a necessary evil for custom applications. A reference for current employees, a training aid for new employees and a required document for system auditors. Developed to the client's specifications to fit the need.


Development of training packages and/or the deliver of training specific to the small to mid-sized business client's needs relating to customized applications or non-system procedures.

Document Archiving:

Spending too much money in off-site storage of archived documents? Need a better SIMPLE method of archiving documents? We believe in the KISS principle and use standard packages to achieve an effective and efficient archive system. We can do the scanning and create the archival documents or work with the client to develop an in-house system.

Slides Digitization:

Got hundreds (or thousands) of slides which are lying around and should be digitized. It is a time consuming process but we have good equipment and will take the time. Cost will depend on the specs chosen for the output (dpi, print size, colour correction) and the quantity contracted to be converted. Original slides returned at the completion of the digitization. Pick a dozen of your slides to be converted and we will convert them as a sample of our work - free of charge. USE THE CONTACT FORM FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO OBTAIN A QUOTE.