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    Some you won't find elsewhere - unless they came from here.

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Our Software

There are two main programs...Secretary's Helper - a membership database which makes any Secretary's job much easier - and Masonic Trivia - not just a game but a learning tool of over 1000 questions about Freemasonry and Freemasons.


A few Masonic books and one on Afghanistan written by a Mason who served there. Masonic E-books with the links to download them for your own enjoyment.

One More Time, Please!

Once a month for about 14 years, a new issue of One More Time, Please! was delivered into the mailboxes of subscribers around the world. Designed to let Masonic writings of yesteryear see the light of day - one more time. A potpourri of wisdom and knowledge (and some unique humour)).


Odds and Ends

Support and FAQs

A page full of useful questions and answers as well as helpful hints about the Linshaw products. A contact with the Linshaw support team.

Our Services

The various services offered by Linshaw Computers.

Odds & Ends

The title says it all.


Masonic Papers

Some Masonic Papers

Although I stopped distributing OMTP! a few years ago, I have come into possession of Masonic papers since that time which I feel are appropriate for sharing. Enjoy!

Suggested Links

A few of the better sites on and about Freemasonry and life in general.

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We always enjoy contact with others.


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