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Secretary's Helper version 4 Orientation


Place and Date

Acacia Masonic Hall, 10433 – 83 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 2C7
Saturday 19th January 2019 at 9:00am


Many Alberta Lodge Secretaries are currently using version 3 of Secretary's Helper and a few brave souls are using version 4 which was released recently.


While there is much which is familiar to version 3 users, version 4 is not an upgrade but a complete rewrite based, as previously, on the needs of Alberta Lodges and the best business practises of a Lodge Secretary.


To assist the Edmonton area Secretaries in transitioning to the new version, I am offering this orientation.


It will be an informal "show and tell" interspersed with explanations as required by the attendees. Dress is casual. I would anticipate it lasting between 2 and 3 hours depending on the depth of discussions.


If you are reading this and you are NOT your Lodge secretary, how about letting him know. This is not restricted to Secretaries but is open to any interested brother.


Please let me know that you are attending so that I know how much coffee to buy en route to the hall.


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One More Time Please!
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Our Software

There are two main programs...Secretary's Helper - a membership database which makes any Secretary's job much easier - and Masonic Trivia - not just a game but a learning tool of over 1000 questions about Freemasonry and Freemasons.


A few Masonic books and one on Afghanistan written by a Mason who served there. Masonic E-books with the links to download them for your own enjoyment.

One More Time, Please!

Once a month for about 14 years, a new issue of One More Time, Please! was delivered into the mailboxes of subscribers around the world. Designed to let Masonic writings of yesteryear see the light of day - one more time. A potpourri of wisdom and knowledge (and some unique humour)).


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Masonic Papers

Some Masonic Papers

Although I stopped distributing OMTP! a few years ago, I have come into possession of Masonic papers since that time which I feel are appropriate for sharing. Enjoy!

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A few of the better sites on and about Freemasonry and life in general.

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